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The Browns – Tom, Ali, Crescena, Bez, & Ber
October 4, 2011 2:34 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

Many of you have been praying for community, fellowship, and friendship per my request.  I am delighted to share that I have two friends!  It has been a blessing for Tom and I to get to know Ana and Mike Palmiter.  Mike and Ana are here at JAARS with us for the TO, and are scheduled to leave for Kenya, with AIM on the same flight as us in February.  We are so thankful to be developing a friendship with a couple that will be in Africa with us.

Two families (Brown's & Palmiter's) at JAARS preparing to serve in Nairobi, Kenya

As we were taking this photo with Mike and Ana (right) I said to Ana: “You are basically going to be an Aunt, because you will be the only “family” we have in Kenya to celebrate Crescena’s first Birthday with.”  We fly to Kenya on Feb 2 and Crescena turns 1 on Feb 12, 2012!

Mike and Ana graciously watched Crescena for us so Tom and I could have a date night, and when I discovered I had 2 bags of white sugar and no brown sugar in the cupboard, Ana came to the rescue and let me borrow some brown sugar.

This reminds me, the closest store to us where we can get anything (banana, milk, eggs) is 20+ minutes away.  Tom kindly offered to go get some for me, but it would have been an hour before he returned with sugar.  This has been one of the greatest adjustments for me as there was an Albertson’s (grocery store) basically next to our apartment complex in Spokane and Costco was 4mintues away.  Now, Costco is a 45minute drive (an hour during rush-hour traffic) and I take an ice-chest to take my groceries home in.  I keep reminding myself that it is really good practice for Kenya as I have been told getting groceries can take all day there.

Our other friends we met at church.  There is a glass box in the sanctuary for parents to go with babies that get loud.  We found that there are lots of parents with little babies sitting around the box!  It is really fun and slightly distracting, as I love to see all the babies.  The baby boy in front of us one service smiled at us most of the service, which we loved.  After the service his mom turned around and commented on how much her son liked us… we got to talking… exchanged numbers… they had us over for dinner… and now we are friends.  Julia and Jay Wells have two handsome boys: Carson (almost 2) and Mason (4 months?).  Jay & Julia just moved to Charlotte also as Jay was recently hired at the church we are attending and we had a wonderful meal with them sharing about what we miss from where we came from and what we hope for where we are now.

We look forward to growing in relationship with the Palmiters and the Wells as we prepare to go to Kenya.  These friendships are a reminder to me that the Lord goes before us and knows our needs- I am so thankful!

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