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The Browns – Tom, Ali, Crescena, Bez, & Ber
February 12, 2012 3:29 am
Published in: Uncategorized

One year ago today, Crescena was born.  A fellow mom asked me the birth story.  Many of you know that the weeks leading up to Crescena being born were full of prayer as there was an unknown problem.  Labor was a bit traumatic for me (I imagine many women can relate), and today as I told the story, I was grateful that the sting of the trauma was less potent and the memory faded as there is a year full of other memories to distance me from the birth memory.

As I reflect on the fading of the memory of the pain and trauma of Crescena’s birth, I am reminded of the power of time and the grace of the Lord.  The challenges we have faced, and the challenges I imagine we will face living in Kenya, will one day be a distant memory.  It puts life, both the joys and challenges, into perspective.  I wish I could put the last year in a jar and open it in years to come.  What a delight to watch a child grow.  Crescena, at 1, has two teeth; loves to stand; has taken one accidental step; and is social, opinionated, animated, happy- until mad or sad, and beautiful.  She is still practically hairless and prefers to have human contact when sleeping.

I look forward to what another year will hold.  Yesterday, the Kenyan children were so excited to push Crescena in her “push cart” (BOB Stroller).  We let the fun continue until the stroller tipped and Crsecena had a crying face full of dirt… then, we let the children push without our child in it!

Tom and I both reflected later that we felt awkward and uncomfortable as we watched our white daughter in her big cart being pushed around by African children.  It was as if she was royalty being paraded around… the children were just having fun, but we couldn’t help but take it a step further.  We hope that Crescena will be a bridge to building relationships (she sure does attract attention) that hopefully result in lives changed by Christ.

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