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The Browns – Tom, Ali, Crescena, Bez, & Ber
March 2, 2012 12:51 pm
Published in: Kenya

Tom previously processed ABO (Africa Based Orientation) where we lived in dorms and were in “class” most days.  So, we have been in Kenya for almost a month, but Wednesday, February 29 was our first day “on our own”.  My original idea was to post a “picture-story” of the first day, but I only managed to take 2 photos.  My hands were wet and dirty and the day flew by.  I soaked vegetables (you have to “clean” produce so you don’t get sick) for the first meal I planned to make.  As the vegetables were soaking, I did laundry.  Now, in the states, I would start the wash and accomplish all sorts of things while the machine did its thing.  Well, I am thankful I did not have to wash by hand (it is HARD work- I washed some by hand at ABO and was sweating profusely and my back started to ache), but the washer for the apartment we are in right now is labor intensive.  You fill the washer with water from a hose, add the soap, add the cloths, and then you turn it on.  About 12 minutes later, you return to move the setting to “drain”; then you wait for the washer to drain; after it drains, you move the clothes to the spinner to spin the soap and water out; and then you fill the washer with water again to rinse the clothes, and then you put the clothes back in and start the rinse cycle.  Then, you come back and move the clothes to the spinner again to spin the water out.  Finally, you hang the cloths on the clothesline in the hot African sun.

Basically, doing 2 loads of laundry and attempting to cook a meal took me ALL day!  I did join a prayer time for AIM Air with some of the other wives on the compound.  (The COMPOUND:  AIM has several compounds.  We are living on the compound until we move into our temporary house in a Kenyan residential area on March 3.  We will be in a temporary house a few blocks from where our “permanent” house will be; work needs to be done to the house before we can move in).  While I was at the prayer time, the rain came!  I was so thankful that one of the other wives (not praying with us) took my clothes down for me while we prayed so they did not get too wet- so helpful!

Why I only “attempted” the meal: The plan was for me to make lunch because other missionaries were providing dinner the first two nights as we settle in- what a blessing!  After I did one load of laundry it was about 1:00pm and our friends stopped by (about when I was going to make lunch).  Our friends were headed to a shopping center called “YaYa” to get a hair cut and some groceries.  Well, apparently that is the best place to get a hair cut on this side of Nairobi if you are white, and Tom needed a haircut.  Tom decided to go to YaYa to get a haircut leaving me home with laundry and Crescena.  I was determined to survive!  I did manage to do another load of laundry and to chop onions and garlic, and brown them with the ground beef.  But, when the meat was prepared it was 4:00pm, and Tom said he would just bring some food home for lunch.  I was happy to have meat ready for future meals, but discouraged by how much time had flown by.

Well, after we ate the dinner that had been brought to us (Praise the Lord!), I folded the clothes and put them away as Tom got Crescena ready for bed.  Normally, I am a night owl, but I have been so tired in the evenings.  We have been informed of “cultural fatigue”… fatigue due to a new culture and all the new things you take in all day.  I think of it in terms of Crescena… the whole world is new to her so she naps as a baby- I am a “baby” in Kenya and am tired because of it.

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