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The Browns – Tom, Ali, Crescena, Bez, & Ber
March 28, 2012 9:34 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

Have you ever felt so blessed by the people around you that you are not quite sure how to express it sufficiently? To realize and be aware of the deep gratitude and thanks you are experiencing, but know that words can only express so much, and most certainly fall short in this case?

That is the position I find myself in this morning as I get ready to head to the hangar for another day’s work repairing and inspecting airplanes so they can be used to serve people I haven’t even met yet.  I find myself deeply grateful to so many people who have come alongside us on our journey in so many different ways.  Financial giving, prayers, moral support, encouragement notes and letters, phone calls, emails, skype, buying stuff for us and shipping it around the country or world….  There is more to thank than can be handled rightly.

It’s part of why we hope you get to see these pictures and hear these stories.  Because we know that simply saying “thank you” just doesn’t communicate the breadth and gravity of the impact your relationship with us has in our lives.  We are so aware with every post, picture, and detail how impossible any of this would be without you.  So thank you so much for being a part, for letting God use you to come alongside us on this journey that has proved to be quite the adventure as well!

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