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The Browns – Tom, Ali, Crescena, Bez, & Ber
June 6, 2012 11:06 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

For those of you who have moved, and had a period of time between when you pack up to when you unpack the belongings that are making the trek with you, you know the sense of excitement that comes with unpacking and not really remembering what was in the box.  It is almost like the anticipation of opening a gift.

It’s been a little like that here these last few weeks as we’ve unpacked the things we brought and set up our new home.  One of the things I came across is a large 3-ring binder that has a zipper, to protect the contents, and an assortment of paper inside, most of which is blank.  The significant thing isn’t the binder itself, but the purpose of the binder.  We set it up in Spokane to be a portable “stone of remembrance” for our life’s journey.

If that term is familiar but you can’t quite place your finger on it, here’s a brief explanation.  In the Old Testament, God instructed the people of Israel to construct piles of stones at different periods.  The purpose of the stones was to serve as a reminder of a specific event, and in particular, of God’s action on behalf of his people.  The crossing of the Jordan river in the book of Joshua is a good example.  The reason behind it was because of the fact that we as humans are so prone to forget, especially when it comes to the ways God has moved in our lives.  Think about it, while you may remember a few, do you really remember all of the ways God has acted on your behalf, and more importantly, do you remember the things He taught you in the process?

The binder we made is our way of recording and providing a remembrance of the ways God has moved in our lives.  It will have a prominent place in our home so we, our children, and any visitors can read it and be reminded of God’s active role in the world and hopefully be encouraged in their faith as a result.

There’s only one problem though; like I said above, a lot of the pages are still blank.  And trust me, it’s not from a deficit of seeing God work but from a lack of just stopping to record it.  I have been reminded as I read the stories in Joshua and Judges of how (sometimes) people stopped to give acknowledgment to God when He did something for His people.  And, I’ve been convicted with the realization that I am quick to stop when I need to ask Him for something, but less quick to stop and acknowledge His answer when He responds.

I hope that I can learn to stop and give God something closer to the acknowledgement He deserves for what He has and is doing.  And, I hope that the “stones” we set up along the way truly serve their purpose as a testimony to God’s continued faithfulness to His people.

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