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The Browns – Tom, Ali, Crescena, Bez, & Ber
July 12, 2012 12:32 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

If you have not heard the song “10,000 Reasons” by Matt Redman, I’d highly recommend listening to it.  My itunes happened to play that song this morning in the car as I was headed to take care of several “to do” items for the day.  The message of the song is essentially that there are infinite reasons for us to bless the Lord and celebrates God for who He is.  One segment of the song has these lyrics, “…whatever may pass, and whatever lies before me, let me be singing when the evening comes,  Bless the Lord, O my soul, O my soul, worship His Holy Name….”  It’s a catchy, inspiring tune that expresses some of the things I hope characterize me and so of course I sang along.  Little did I know how much I would need that “prayer” today.

The day unfolded from there entirely differently, and much more frustratingly, than I had hoped, planned, or expected.  It included: driving extra distances because my local contact who was supposed to help me had to re-schedule for later in the morning so I made a trip just to turn around so I could come back later, spending 2 hours talking with several members of the Nairobi police department to track down a piece of paper for car insurance from an old accident, getting side/front swiped by another car while waiting for my turn to pull into traffic on my way with the needed paperwork for resolving accident # 1.  Consequently spending another 2 hours talking to several different Nairobi police officers, finding out that resolving this new accident through insurance will probably mean spending at least some time in the Kenyan court system (which is notoriously slow), even though the officers said it was clearly the other drivers fault. Finally, I got bit by our dog when I tried to bring him home after he got out (he’s rather stubborn, although usually gentle, at times and didn’t like me dragging him home since he wouldn’t come on his own).  I think he and I are still working on establishing who’s in charge around here.

Anyways, as I was driving home (not knowing I had the dog incident coming) with the entire day basically now gone due to the hours it took with police, that song came on once again.  With it came the reminder and realization that here I was, evening coming, a frustrating day behind me, and yet, with countless reasons to bless and worship the Lord.  I’m not one to avoid negative emotions, so it was a pleasant surprise to find that as I consciously chose to worship, my attitude changed from one of discouragement to one of hope.  The irritation was replaced by a contented peace that stemmed from words of knowledge being etched into experience.  It wasn’t forced, it wasn’t something I tried really hard to do, if anything it was just letting go of the things that had gotten in the way of fixing my eyes on Christ.

As we were waiting earlier in the day for the police after having the accident, my friend made the comment that he couldn’t tell what, if anything, God was trying to say by letting this happen.  At the time I didn’t have a response, but as I look back on the day I can’t help but wonder if it was all about learning to bless Him no matter what.  After all, isn’t a major part of our existence on earth to be shaped into His likeness?  I hope it’s a lesson that I remember and practice, and that some day it may even become second nature.

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