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The Browns – Tom, Ali, Crescena, Bez, & Ber
September 27, 2012 1:49 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

The short story is, we have found a car to buy pictured below!  The car is currently another AIM Air family’s who is headed back to the states in November.  We are glad we have until November as we are still raising the funds to purchase it.

Will you help us buy this car?  Follow the “Vehicle Project” link on the right.

The long story for those who have been tracking with our car search is that we previously identified a car to buy a few months ago, a Toyota Prado.  The Prado was sold before we even came close to having the funds to purchase it.  We have been looking for a vehicle since we arrived 6 months ago and the search has taken us much longer than expected.  We wanted a vehicle that (a) would not be a fixer upper as Tom has plenty of airplanes to fly and fix, and we hope Ali will have as few car problems as possible as Tom will be gone on flights often; (b) a vehicle that can be used to transport visitors, new missionaries, and transient missionaries (many come through Nairobi for a time before going to their permanent assignment in other locations); (c) would be economical and affordable; (d) has reliable air conditioning as it gets hot here and it is not safe to drive around with your windows rolled down; and our ideal was (e) to know the owner as the car market is even more sketchy and untrustworthy here than in the states.  This vehicle meets all of these hopes and ideals… a huge blessing.  We have been persistently praying for and about a vehicle and are delighted that our patience and persistence has resulted in having the opportunity to buy a car that is PERFECT for our needs.

The previous vehicle we were looking at we would have had to take out a loan to purchase.  With a little help from others, we can buy the vehicle above WITHOUT a LOAN!  The vehicle above was driven by an AIM Air wife who coordinated “Inbound” which basically means she helped each family settle in Nairobi coordinating things for them before and after their arrival.  We were driven to visit the different AIM facilities (hangar, counseling center, on field media office, AIM guest house, etc) in THIS van!  This vehicle will meet a HUGE need for our family in providing reliable transportation, and we look forward to continuing to use this van to bless others.

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