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The Browns – Tom, Ali, Crescena, Bez, & Ber
January 12, 2013 8:39 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

Image0471Tom and I just celebrated 5 years of marriage.  We were married on January 1, 2008 in Spokane, WA.  One thing we did to celebrate our anniversary was to watch our wedding video and we were reminded of all the friends and family who celebrated with us- a huge thank you to those who were there with us!

A second thing we did was look over our responses to some questions.  A dear friend of ours asked us a series of questions when we were engaged which we answered individually.  One of the series of questions was: “What are some of your dreams for the future? What are some of his/her dreams for the future?”

What a joy to read what our hopes, dreams, and prayers were 5 years ago and to be living so many of them out!  Enjoy celebrating with us all that God has brought to pass:

Tom wrote: “I dream of having a family, of raising kids who will follow Christ with everything that they have.   I dream of spending the rest of my life in a continually growing romance with my best friend, my wife, where we walk in partnership, share life and ministry together, and grow closer to each other every day.   I dream of living overseas for a time and working in mission aviation as either a pilot or mechanic.”

Ali wrote: “I would say that Tommy’s dreams are to serve and love the Lord wholeheartedly.  To be loyal to both the Lord and his wife.  To be a hard and gracious worker.  Working as a mechanic is becoming more and more appealing to him, though he still enjoys flying.  I think his dream is to be a good husband and eventually a good dad.  He dreams of serving overseas in missionary aviation.”

We are living out a growing romance and Tom is an amazing dad taking time to instruct Crescena in the way she should go in obedience and Christ.  Serving together in Kenya with Africa Inland Mission gives us a sense of being in “ministry together” more than ever before.

As we prepared to go oversees with AIM Air, we thought Tom would serve as a pilot and use his skill as a mechanic when needed.   Tom being asked to focus his work with AIM Air in maintenance as the Chief Inspector came as a shock.  Though Tom being a “hard and gracious worker” is a significant factor in Tom being asked to serve in this honorable role with lots of responsibility… we are GRATEFUL.  We were equally surprised to see that

Tom inspecting

Tom working on an engine on the AIM Air hangar floor.

Tom wrote “pilot or mechanic” and that Ali noted “working as a mechanic is becoming more and more appealing to him” as we looked back on our responses 5 years ago.  It is all the more clear that years ago the Lord was preparing Tom to fill this vital role for AIM Air.  Flying is still something that brings joy, focus, and excitement in Tom as nothing else in the world does… he prefers it and is a skilled pilot.  At the same time, his skill and enjoyment of the maintenance side of aviation is not something all pilots share.  “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord” (Jeremiah 29:11) is so true.  The Lord has been developing Tom’s enjoyment and skill in aviation as BOTH a pilot and mechanic.  Of course, God knew what we would be doing in Kenya better than we did.

Ali wrote: “My dreams are to live an intimate marriage.  To be a wife who is a servant and a blessing.  To learn how to love Tommy all the days of my life.  My dream, aim, and prayer is to marry Tommy on January 1, having remained pure and having the people whom have been a part of our lives individually and as a couple there to witness and celebrate our union.  My dreams are to be a servant and missionary with Tommy.  Whether that is a missionary in Spokane, Africa, or somewhere else in this world.  I want to be a part of his ministry and I want him to be a part of mine.  My recent dream is to be a counselor over-sees.  To be able to come alongside the locals in whatever region Tommy decides to fly in (hopefully Kenya!)”

I am thankful to be living out an intimate marriage.  I almost left my dream of counseling out, but it seemed as though it would be an appropriate time to address it. Some may be asking: “yes, what about counseling?  I thought Tom was going to be a pilot and Ali a counselor?”

Do I miss counseling?- YES! However, it turns out that to serve WITH Tom, to be the mother I’d like to be to our almost toddler, and to have compromised health, more than fills my day.  My plate feels FULL, and I don’t feel as though I have margin to add anything.  I am thankful for the training I had and dream of one day serving in some sort of counselor capacity when my plate feels less full.

In summary: We are delighted to be serving in Kenya!  Many of you have helped and still do help us live out our dream and calling to be in ministry as a family in Kenya.  THANK YOU!

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