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The Browns – Tom, Ali, Crescena, Bez, & Ber
February 9, 2015 7:58 pm
Published in: Uncategorized

IMG_2293On a walk with the kids I saw this sign: “Nairobi, Kenya 7,822 miles.” My heart leapt to see Kenya’s colors and to see something that acknowledged how far we feel from “home.” We are currently at JAARS in North Carolina for Tom to take a Pilot Supervisory course. This is the fourth state we’ve visited this year, and we will be in nine states total (FL, DC, MD, NC, MO, AR, CA, WA, CO) over our 6-month Home Assignment. If you live in or close to one of those 9 states- we hope we get to see you- Get in touch with us!!

Though we are enjoying almost every minute of the US, Kenya is our home now and something inside us longs for home. As I write that, I am reminded of a different longing for home- home with the Lord for eternity. Several books I have been reading note we should live with heaven or eternity in mind; I should live in light of my final destination. Sounds amazing, and spiritual.  To be honest, my heart is still wrestling with what that means, how it plays out, and adopting it as habit.

When people ask about Home Assignment, I often describe that we will be in 9 different states in 6 months with a chuckle. Under the humor there are questions stirring: How will this constant transition affect our family? Will our kids be ok? Have we built in enough margin, or will we eventually “hit the wall”… what will “hitting the wall” look like? How do we convey our deep gratitude over and over again in a way that will be received? How do we answer questions about our life in Nairobi to people who only know about life here?

Are our children extra whiney because we are asking too much/pushing them too hard, or because they are becoming spoiled and we need to hold a firmer line? Or, are they missing “home” too and they just don’t know how to express it? (probably all of the above- Oh Lord, please grant us wisdom and grace how to respond) Crescena at the dinner table expressed: “You know, we have food at our home in Nairobi too.” Clearly our 3 year old (4 this week!) is trying to process things.

Sleeping in different beds and living out of a suitcase is not the highlight… fellowship is. All the people we get to spend time with drives us to put up with the challenges of being US missionary nomads for the first half of this year. We look forward to being blessed by you, and we pray fervently that we are a blessing to you as well.

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